Europe's first commercial Wavegarden Surf Facility will open in the U.K.

Wavegarden, industry leader in the design and manufacture of wave generation systems has signed the official contract with Surf Snowdonia. Britain’s first inland surfing destination will be opened by early summer 2015.

Revolutionary Wavegarden technology means that 1.9m high perfectly formed tubing waves that peel for more than 200 m can now be created at the touch of a button.

Steve Davies MBE, Managing Director Surf Snowdonia, “We have worked alongside the team at Wavegarden for some time now and are delighted to finally make good on our promise of a partnership."

Josema Odriozola, founder and CEO of Wavegarden, “We are very excited about signing this contract. Our engineers are already working hard on the production of the new 1.9m high version, which features important improvements to the quality, capacity and frequency of the Wavegarden lagoon. Surf Snowdonia will definitely revolutionise the village of Dolgarrog located in the beautiful Snowdonia National Park and the way people around the world engage in surfing."

BBC science correspondent Claire Marshall was given access to the Wavegarden demonstration centre in northern Spain and to the Dolgarrog aluminium works were the new Wavegarden will be installed. Click here to see the story.


Professional surfers have tested the wave with highly positive reviews:

“It’s a revolution!”

—Pauline Ado, France.

“I had a really fun day at the Wavegarden.”

—Taj Burrow, Australia.

“It’s fun for everyone. If you don’t surf, you can learn to surf right here!”

—Gabriel Medina, Brazil.

“I thought it was going to be smaller. It’s actually really big!”

—Dusty Payne, Hawaii.

“The speed of the wave is perfect.”

—Dane Reynolds, California.

Surfing is now for everyone

For more than 20 million people, surfing has become a metaphor for living a healthy lifestyle and being in tune with nature’s rhythms. Surfing is ranked in the top 20 most popular and fastest growing sports in all countries, cultures and demographics.

The ‘stoke’, or feeling of surfing, which has been limited to the lucky few who live near quality surf, is now accessible to everyone.

By eliminating nearly all inherent variables associated with surfing in the ocean, this revolution in wave riding can provide quality surfing waves all hours of the day and through all seasons.

Wavegarden offers a guaranteed spectacle allowing innovative and unique surf competitions, high performance training and surfing lessons in a controlled environment.

Wavegarden is ideal as a stand-alone facility or as a central feature in large scale mixed-use developments. It is the perfect anchor attraction for resorts or leisure parks and creates a completely new and singular destination built around surfing, many other wave sports and the always alluring beach life.

Groundbreaking Technology

Wavegarden is a leading engineering company dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of wave generating systems and lagoons for surfing and other watersports. 

The Wavegarden team of engineering experts specialized in mechanical and aerodynamic systems -all of them passionate surfers- has worked for nearly a decade to create an artificial surfing lagoon designed to generate consistent, perfectly formed waves for surfers of all abilities.

Numerous models on different scales, countless real size tests and computing simulations have led to the creation of the simplest, most efficient and reliable wave generating technology possible.

Wavegarden's patented technology is based on an innovative hydrodynamic Wavefoil and a revolutionary wave lagoon design. The state of the art Wavefoil generator has been proved to be more reliable and to require significantly less energy compared to other artificial wave technologies, including those that are still in conceptual design stage.

Business Opportunities

Wave frequency, lagoon capacity and associated costs qualify Wavegarden as the first surfing installation to provide a commercial return on investment as a stand-alone facility:

  • Estimated EBITDA in a complete installation is over 1.5 million euros
  • Estimated IRR around 20%, depending upon location (in a complete installation, excluding land costs)


  • Surfing is currently limited to coastal locations
  • Favorable surf conditions only occur about 30-50% of the year
  • Surf schools cannot cope with current demand
  • Around 1 million new surfers per year guarantee a growing market
  • Wavegarden provides perfect beginner and expert waves at all times
  • Unlike artificial snow facilities, Wavegarden can be better than the real thing