Wavegarden Cove: Fun waves for smaller spaces


North America's first Wavegarden opens October 7, 2016

NLand Surf Park opens its doors on October 7, 2016 in Austin, Texas. It's centerpiece, a 14-acre Wavegarden lagoon filled with 100% rain water collected on the property, is set in a beautiful natural landscape only 10 minutes East of Austin's airport.

"As a surfer and an engineer, NLand has been a dream of mine for the past 20 years,” said Doug Coors, NLand's founder. “We had our share of challenges, but they are behind us and I look forward to sharing our waves with the world."

The lagoon features waves for surfers of all levels: from head high, open face waves with a 35-second ride tailor-made for performance surfing; challenging open face waves for passionate novices; to gentle white water waves for beginners and children.

The diverse range of waves available throughout the lagoon fulfills the requirements of NLand’s full spectrum of guests. And overcrowding is not an issue as the park can safely cater for 120 or more surfers at any one time, in the different skill-based surf zones.

“The launch of our second Wavegarden facility is a historical moment for our company,” explained Josema Odriozola, Wavegarden's CEO. “Together, we have scaled this project up to a level never before seen."

The long anticipated opening of NLand coincides with the one-year anniversary of Surf Snowdonia, which, since its opening has produced around 195.000 waves. The accumulated length of these waves equates to a distance of 30.000 km (18.600 miles), which is three quarters the circumference of the earth.

During the warm-up period, NLand will be open Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m, and on Mondays from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. For bookings & more information, go to: http://www.nlandsurfpark.com

Big success at world's first Wavegarden surfing contest: Red Bull Unleashed, Surf Snowdonia

The Red Bull Unleashed 2015 was the first international surf contest to be held in a Wavegarden facility, taking place at Surf Snowdonia (Dolgarrog, Wales, U.K.) on September 18-19. The event brought together some of the best surfers in the world and, thanks to our technology, all competitors surfed the same number of identical waves, in an innovative man-on-man elimination format.

Unhindered by the different factors that affect wave quality in the ocean (wind, swell and tide), Surf Snowdonia’s lagoon offered ideal conditions for the pro-surfers to fully display their talents. Contest winner Hawaiian pro surfer Albee Layer, along with the other competitors, praised not only the mechanical perfection and quality of the waves, but also the close proximity of the 2,000 vibrant spectators that cheered every manoeuvre on every wave.

Surf Snowdonia is the first commercial installation using Wavegarden’s technology. It opened its doors on August 1, 2015 and is located in a lee of the beautiful Snowdonia mountains, next to the village of Dolgarrog, where a derelict aluminium factory has been transformed into one of the most innovative surfing facilities in the world.

The Wavegarden lagoon at Surf Snowdonia measures 300m x 120m and provides ocean-like waves tailored for surfers of all ability levels. Perfect waves ranging between 0.7m and 1.85m high, with a lengthy surfing experience of 16 seconds per wave, are consistently generated in a safe and natural environment.

For more information and bookings, please go to www.surfsnowdonia.co.uk

Surfing is now for everyone

For more than 20 million people, surfing has become a metaphor for living a healthy lifestyle and being in tune with nature’s rhythms. Surfing is ranked in the top 20 most popular and fastest growing sports in all countries, cultures and demographics.

The ‘stoke’, or feeling of surfing, which has been limited to the lucky few who live near quality surf, is now accessible to everyone.

By eliminating nearly all inherent variables associated with surfing in the ocean, this revolution in wave riding can provide quality surfing waves all hours of the day and through all seasons.

Wavegarden offers a guaranteed spectacle allowing innovative and unique surf competitions, high performance training and surfing lessons in a controlled environment.

Wavegarden is ideal as a stand-alone facility or as a central feature in large scale mixed-use developments. It is the perfect anchor attraction for resorts or leisure parks and creates a completely new and singular destination built around surfing, many other wave sports and the always alluring beach life.

Wavegarden has two facilities currently under construction that will open their doors in 2015. Six other facilities are being developed, with another twenty two projects financially committed across five continents. Discussions are in progress for many other locations.

Groundbreaking Technology

Wavegarden is a leading engineering company dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of wave generating systems and lagoons for surfing and other watersports. 

The Wavegarden team of engineering experts specialized in mechanical and aerodynamic systems -all of them passionate surfers- has worked for nearly a decade to create an artificial surfing lagoon designed to generate consistent, perfectly formed waves for surfers of all abilities.

Numerous models on different scales, countless real size tests and computing simulations have led to the creation of the simplest, most efficient and reliable wave generating technology possible.

Wavegarden's patented technology is based on an innovative hydrodynamic Wavefoil and a revolutionary wave lagoon design. The state of the art Wavefoil generator has been proved to be more reliable and to require significantly less energy compared to other artificial wave technologies, including those that are still in conceptual design stage.

Business Opportunities

Wave frequency, lagoon capacity and associated costs qualify Wavegarden as the first surfing installation to provide a commercial return on investment as a stand-alone facility:

  • Estimated EBITDA in a complete installation is over 1.5 million euros
  • Estimated IRR around 20%, depending upon location (in a complete installation, excluding land costs)


  • Surfing is currently limited to coastal locations
  • Favorable surf conditions only occur about 30-50% of the year
  • Surf schools cannot cope with current demand
  • Around 1 million new surfers per year guarantee a growing market
  • Wavegarden provides perfect beginner and expert waves at all times
  • Unlike artificial snow facilities, Wavegarden can be better than the real thing