Being passionate surfers, our aim was to share the amazing sport and healthy lifestyle of surfing with others not fortunate enough to live near natural waves. Our primary goal has always been to create the most realistic surfing experience in perfect waves – and even do it in locations far away from the ocean.
We knew if we could first develop an efficient and easy to maintain class of wave generator we could overcome our biggest challenge: the high cost of building and operating a man-made wave.
With this in mind, our research and development has remained focused on creating the new technologies required to minimise energy consumption, thus limiting the costs of ongoing maintenance and continued investment. Different methods of producing man-made waves have been tried, including linear and “endless” circular waves, which have all been tested on various bottom surfaces. This has involved many models and on different scales. Preliminary computing simulations were nearly always used, but the majority of the tests were also run on real size models. The underlying aim was to achieve the simplest, most efficient and reliable technology possible.
designing man-made waves

Model 2005

manmade wave machine

Model 2006

man-made waves development

Model 2006

wave pool construction

Prototype 2008

olas de piscina de olas

Model 2009

Democenter 2013

Six years after the initial designs, Instant now has a patent on unique wave generation technology that many consider to be the closest thing to surfing in the ocean: Wavegarden.
Finally, our goal of delivering the most intriguing, fun, and affordable centrepiece to a successful surf destination business model has been achieved. Combine our technical expertise with Wavegarden’s ability to customise the size, shape, and speed of the waves and we are now able to ensure a broad appeal that will excite surfers from beginning levels all the way to elite professional surfers…now just add water!
This process has involved large investments in terms of time and money, but has finally come to fruition and given us the know-how to provide our customers with the solution that best adapts to their needs and market potential.This means that after nearly six years of intense R & D focused on energy efficiency and customisable waves, for the first time in history we are now ready to offer the complete package: an environmentally friendly, economically-viable surfing facility that fits everyone’s unique requirements.