• Approximate facility investment (including civil work of the lagoon and the wave generator with installation and commissioning) for the 1,9m system: between 6-7 million euros, depending upon location (excluding land cost).
  • Number of waves generated (per hour): 120 expert waves of at least 18-second duration and a large number of beginner and intermediate waves in the perimeter of the lagoon.
  • Capacity: between 80-120 surfers in the lagoon at one time (10-20 expert surfers, 15-40 intermediate surfers and 50-70 beginners).
  • Average power: 670 kW for the 1,9 meter high wave system.
  • Estimated EBITDA in a complete installation: over 1.5 million euros.
  • Estimated IRR: around 20%, depending upon location (in a complete installation, excluding land costs).

Amusement, Surf & Water Parks

Wavegarden is an investment which by itself, can generate high returns. Therefore, it can be perfectly designed as a single facility; a surf park. However, Wavegarden can also be included within a larger facility, typically waterparks, amusements parks, theme & adventure parks; further enhancing each by generating important business synergies.


Wavegarden provides the most authentic surfing experience, making it a fun, unique, and healthy activity for waterpark customers of all ages and skill levels. Wavegarden also offers the opportunity to create an attraction where elite surfers can thrill and inspire crowds with their amazing skills.

Resorts, Hotels & Commercial centres

Wavegarden enables resorts, hotels and commercial centres to take their outdoor activities to a new level by offering an exciting and innovative attraction to its customers. The possibility of leveraging the attraction with bars and restaurants not only enables onlookers to enjoy watching the surfers in action, but also creates lucrative incremental revenue opportunities.


Wavegarden provides resorts, hotels and commercial centres with a differentiating offer that sets them apart from their competitors, essentially making the resort itself a surf destination. The added benefit of holding events in the resort can increase revenue for the bars and restaurants around the attraction.

Real Estate Promotion

A good surfing beach is normally an ideal environment where nature offers more than just a great place to stay; it also offers entertainment, sport and a diversion from daily life. As such, most surf beaches are precious real estate in which to live and establish business.


A lagoon well integrated into its natural environment can be aesthetically very beautiful but Wavegarden adds another element that transforms a lagoon entirely. It recreates within its still waters a sea with waves, making it a unique destination likely to attract both the public and businesses. And as usually happens with a surf beach, a Wavegarden adds value to the land where it is installed.

Public Administration

Local governments and organizations that wish to expand upon their recreational amenities and/or promote tourism within their region. These projects focus on stimulating the local economy by adding an activity that generates greater interest while promoting local employment and revenue.


The design of Wavegarden enables a municipality to meet usage levels that are on par with other recreational centres, playing fields and swimming pools.

Wavegarden fulfils the local demand for new recreation areas at a very competitive price. The additional benefit of creating a unique surfing installation is both an attraction and a destination. The economic impact generated by a Wavegarden for its immediate environment can be estimated at least €3 million annually.