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Why a Surf Spot?

Surfing has become a metaphor for living a healthy, natural life in tune with nature’s rhythms. Its exponential growth as an industry worldwide (over 20 million surfers) is a testament to surfing’s popularity across all countries, cultures and demographics.

Surfing is also a spectator sport that attracts large groups of onlookers at every surf spot or competition, people who are mesmerized by the breaking waves and the abilities of the surfers who seem to walk on water as they ride them. Surfing is now a cultural phenomenon, from top fashion brands that have become worldwide icons, to the ever-growing number of people who share a passion for this fun and adventurous sport.

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It is undeniable and well documented that regions lucky enough to be blessed with a good surf break are cashing in on the economic gains that surfing brings to them. Along with the waves comes a seemingly endless influx of people to play in them: surfers, swimmers, spectators, surf schools, and surf competitions. Local economies are thriving with surfing’s increased popularity. Accommodation, retail shops, and restaurants that provide the infrastructure for booming surf-related economies are reaping the financial rewards from this significant increase in visitors!

The surfing industry, which has already surpassed $3 billion in revenue, is estimated to continue an aggressive growth in the years to come. We help our customers create new surf destinations wherever they want and ride the wave of this very lucrative sport and lifestyle business opportunity.