Our team will help you through the authorisation phases of your project, assisting with feasibility studies and business plans.


Wavegarden’s architects and engineers will work with you to design the layout that will ensure the best wave for your infrastructure and targeted demographics. Our experience in planning and adjusting the installation’s depth and contours to our technology will ensure the best results.


Wavegarden’s staff will guide you through the different implementation phases of your installation. Our engineers will oversee the civil engineering and overall construction of the project. Our architects and designers can also help optimise the building layout and landscaping for your Wavegarden. We, together with our partners, who specialise in lakes and sport facilities design, construction and water treatment can offer the most ecological solutions available, setting you apart from your competitors.


We offer a full range of support and assistance services in order to keep your Wavegarden in optimal working condition. We provide specialized maintenance services required to ensure the long term successful operation of the Wavegarden facility. These services will be carried out when the facility is drained. The most common preventive maintenance work is straightforward and can be carried out by the facility operating staff. The cost of maintaining a Wavegarden is not a significant amount in terms of overheads.