Perfect waves of all sizes (standard size between 1,2-1,9 m), lengths (standard length around 18 second surfing ride duration), shapes and speeds are consistently generated in a safe, natural environment using much less energy than any other wave generator in history.

A wave that holds its form and power over any distance you choose: the only limit is the length of your lagoon or lake!

A wave with a clean perfect face and potential to offer tubes, ideal for surfing at every level and with the same boards used in the ocean.

A wave that is true to the experience of surfing in the ocean: from paddling into the wave, making the drop, to turning and cutting along the wave.

A wave that is modifiable and able to be altered at will, so that it not only remains challenging even to the most elite surfers, but can also be customised and change shape, size, and speed to suit every user demographic.

Fun and challenging waves for all surfers, from grommets (beginners both young and old) to professional surfers.

A wave that can be surfed by multiple surfers simultaneously, while being watched by a large crowd on the shore.