wave lagoon requirements


Technical Requirements

Area requirements

The measures of Wavegarden’s standard lagoon are 320 metres (1,050 feet) by 120 metres (394 feet). The measures of the optimum lagoon are 330 metres (1,082 feet) by 150 metres (492 feet). There is no maximum size since Wavegarden holds its form over any distance.

Water level

Wavegarden requires a constant water depth that can be monitored and controlled. The depth should not vary beyond +/- 10 centimetres (+/- 4 inches.)


Wavegarden is engineered with a bottom that replicates ocean sand bars and reefs. Our engineers will custom design the bottom of your installation in order to take advantage of the allocated space and your unique requirements for distinct wave zones. The depth averages around 1 meter (3.3 feet) and it can reach up to 2 metres in a protected zone.

New Lagoon/Existing lagoon

The requirements for Wavegarden to be installed in a new or an existing lagoon are:

  • The water level has to remain fairly constant with a maximum variance of +/- 10 centimetres (+/-4 inches)
  • The perimeter of the lagoon in proximity to the wave may need to be slightly modified in order to ensure wave dissipation and overall safety.
  • The water source (either fresh or salt water) can either be treated or untreated.

Due to these technical requirements, in most of the cases, it will be more cost effective to build a new lagoon rather than trying to use an existing one.